Stories of Sunset from Hills to the Sea

Is there anything more meaningful and more memorable than watching an unforgettable sunset from a dreamy location? The beauty of sunset has the power to set you mesmerized. I am going to speak about the Stories of Sunset that I experienced while exploring new places. Stories of Sunset In Darjeeling Darjeeling is a beautiful Hill … Read more

Exploring The Power of Yoga


Today 21st June 2020 and this day is celebrated as International Yoga Day, so let me wish you all a happy yoga day! Yoga happened to me last year when I decided to stay fit. I do not like belly fat, most probably you too don’t, but with my age and my profession, I believe … Read more

Recalling my experience of the horrifying super cyclone Amphan

20th May 2020 Bengal experienced the nastiest rise in winds, which was named Supercyclone Amphan. By 3.30 p.m the speed of the winds started rising and almost immediately the electricity went off everyone. Let me give a little recap, the weather was rainy, windy cloudy from Tuesday, a day before, Amphan hit Kolkata. So, from … Read more

6 Tips to stay safe during the Corona Virus Outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

& Ways to Spend Perfect Time at Home Corona Virus is something that we are very much conscious about right now. The whole world has been locked down. Owning to the fact that there is no antidote for this particular Virus, staying inside the home has become a must. Our Prime Minister Honorable Shri Narendra … Read more

Engagement Ring And Tips To Take Proper Care


Wedding is surely the turning point of our life, and the wedding ring is the symbol of love. In case you are going to get married of you are already enjoying the fruits of your newly wedded life, an engagement ring is surely one of the precious accessories that you must always care. Personally I … Read more