Recalling my experience of the horrifying super cyclone Amphan

20th May 2020 Bengal experienced the nastiest rise in winds, which was named Supercyclone Amphan. By 3.30 p.m the speed of the winds started rising and almost immediately the electricity went off everyone. Let me give a little recap, the weather was rainy, windy cloudy from Tuesday, a day before, Amphan hit Kolkata. So, from … Read more

6 Tips to stay safe during the Corona Virus Outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

& Ways to Spend Perfect Time at Home Corona Virus is something that we are very much conscious about right now. The whole world has been locked down. Owning to the fact that there is no antidote for this particular Virus, staying inside the home has become a must. Our Prime Minister Honorable Shri Narendra … Read more