Engagement Ring And Tips To Take Proper Care

Wedding is surely the turning point of our life, and the wedding ring is the symbol of love. In case you are going to get married of you are already enjoying the fruits of your newly wedded life, an engagement ring is surely one of the precious accessories that you must always care. Personally I believe the price of the ring is less important, but the love and intention that denotes union should be the utmost priority.


This ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, as this finger is believed to have a vein running directly from the heart. Therefore symbolizing the finger as a heart finger. 

For the ring to remain sparkling forever you must take good care of it. It is not that every time someone kneels down in front of you and brings out a beautiful engagement ring. It is a one time affair, so you must be careful with your ring, here are a few tips which can help you protect your engagement ring, and make it ever shine and sparkling.

4 ways to take care of your Engagement Ring

Avoid exposing it to harsh creams

Make up can be dangerous for their rings as the harsh chemicals can damage their luster. Sometimes the chemicals in the makeup can be too harsh resulting in discoloring the ring. You should not apply makeup with your ring on as an engagement ring is something that needs to look shiny and sparking forever. Thick lotions and creams can leave a residue on your ring, making visibly dirty. Also, it may damage the American Diamond on your ring as they are very delicate pieces. Also, you should not clean your clothes or do any household chores wearing the ring. 

Clean it regularly

Every woman loves to keep her engagement ring as shining as possible4. But for that do not use detergent or lotion to clean it. If you actually want your engagement ring to last, then definitely clean it with a soft cloth after use. Before storing completely clean it and dry it.

Why take risk with the most precious ornament that is gifted to you by your beloved. Make it a habit to have your ring cleaned by a jeweller. Most jewelers will clean it free of charge with their jewellery cleaning powder or steam clean it so that it looks spanking new.

Store it correctly

The way you store your jewellery is very important. Engagement rings as it is small have the chances to get easily scratched, so keep your rings stored in a way in which they won’t rub against each other. For example, store them in a soft pouch, or hung on separately in jewellery hooks. 

When you take off the ring you should place it in a safe area where it can’t fall off or slide down. 

Always remove it before going to bed

It is very important to remove your engagement ring at the end of the day. Never go to sleep with your artificial jewellery rings on. Chances are that the American diamonds fixed on it may fall off. Or it may tarnish the metal. Moreover, the jewellery may color, injure or scratch your skin.

Try to remove your ring during heavy activities

In case you are trying to move furniture or shift wardrobes, do not forget to remove your wedding ring, and keep it at a safe place. Lifting weight can give pressure on the ring and making it bend out of shape. If this happens you can imagine the upcoming story, you have to take it to the jewellery shop and pay extra charges to get it repaired.

These are few ways of keeping your engagement ring safe. But to make it last longer and retain its sparkle for long you must buy it from an authentic store, those who promises that their materials are authentic and unique. Moreover, you can use them safely. Have a good life ahead!

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