Today 21st June 2020 and this day is celebrated as International Yoga Day, so let me wish you all a happy yoga day!

Yoga happened to me last year when I decided to stay fit. I do not like belly fat, most probably you too don’t, but with my age and my profession, I believe belly fat was evident. I do not have complaints about that.

But you’re I have to spend 9 hours in my office by completely sitting in a chair and in front of the computer. So after the 10-7 work hours, I really felt completely exhausted.

Moreover, there was work pressure, and I belong from Kolkata as it is the salary payscale id very low, and at that time in 2018, I used to learn really less. So, all these situations were taking a toll on my life.

I was experiencing frequent headaches, 3 day periods, mood swings, food cravings, and other health issues. After consultation from the doctor, hormonal tests, and USG, it was verified that I was suffering from PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). Do not be afraid of ovarian disease it is not that serious, 8 out of 10 girls nowadays suffer from PCOD due to over stress, anxiety, and hormonal changes.

The only way to combat PCOD is to have control over your food cravings eat healthy, control stress, and of course exercise and reduce weight.

This is how I started my yoga session.

How Yoga Changed my life?

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