6 Organic Ways to Celebrate Holi

Holi is known as the festival of colours, and one of my most awaited festivals. This year Dol Purnima is on 9th March 2020 and Holi is on 10th March 2020. I am very much excited to celebrate this amazing festival and I hope you are too. Here are a few organic ways to celebrate Holi and make it safe and chemical-free.

Holi Celebration is fun as all you need to gather with all your friends and family and apply abir or colour on their face and body.

Lately, Holi is one of the most amusing, fun-loving and inspiring festivals all around the world. And why not with colours all around your face, you cannot ever look more dramatic and interesting.

The History Of Holi

Holi is such a festival that revolves around the theme of the triumph of the bad over good. The festival of Holi dates back before the birth of Christ and you also see rocks with sculptures of prince and princesses holding pichkaris and sprinkling water upon each other.

Holi was celebrated in Vrindavan as Lord Krishna with his beloved Radha and their Sakhi used to celebrate the festival of Holi and hence the festival became very popular.

The other mythology of Holi depicts the story of Prahlada and killing of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. Prahlada was a devotee of Lord Vishnu but the demon king want Prahlada to worship him but since Prahlada refused, he conspired against Prahlada with his daughter Holika and planned to kill Prahlada.

Holika sat with Prahlada in a heap and fire was lighted but as Prahlad kept praying to Lord Vishnu the lord saved his devotee but Holika was turned into ashes. Thus, confirming once again the victory of good over evil. The day before Holi is known as Holika Dahan and people celebrate this day by lighting bonfires in front of them, praying to Lord Vishnu to destroy their inner negativity in the fire.

“Holi the festival signifying the end of winter and the arrival of Spring”

With years, the tradition of celebrating the festival of colours is still there, but the organic ways of celebrating Holi went away giving rise to many chemical colours. Chemicals in the gulal can give rise to various skin problems, allergies, and other issues.

Let us Discuss few Organic ways to celebrate Holi

To know the organic ways to play Holi you must understand the side effects of chemical gulal. It will surely surprise you that though we become completely excited to celebrate Holi, the festival is largely associated with unhealthy chemicals which may damage the skin and cause rashes, pimples and other skin problems.

Industrial dyes are largely used on Holi colours, since the open stalls sell cheap gulals. The risk may increase if the colours are mixed with more harsh chemical like mica.

I have already confessed that throughout the year I eagerly wait for this festival, and I start getting goosebumps, before a week Holi arrives.

Therefore, we do want to play Holi and enjoy the festival but we do not want to invite any kind of problems from the harsh chemicals.

If you have sensitive skin, it is better that you take proper measures before setting your free to play Holi.

Here are a few organic ways to celebrate holi:

  1. Prepare organic Colors: You can easily create organic colours with Turmeric. Make turmeric paste and you can easily get a beautiful yellow colour. Use sindoor as the red Gulal. So, you see sindoor khela is very much popular among Bengali, and in case you are extremely allergy to chemical gulal you can surely use sindoor as for the red colour and use it on cheeks.
  2. Use Patanjali Herbal Gulal: Patanjali is known for its Ayurvedic and herbal products. It is prepared from non-toxic ingredients that are safe on the skin. It gives a soft and silky feeling when applied upon the skin. The goal is affordable only 30 rs and available in maximum shops. So, rather than purchasing loose gulal invest on a Patanjali gulal. Available in 4 colour variants like red, pink, yellow and green.
  3. Make beetroot paste for deep purple colour: So purchase almost 1 kg of beets roots and then cut it into small pieces and use your mixer grinder or juicer to get the juice. Get your Holi partners painted in beautiful purple colour with this organic colour.
  4. Tricks to create Herbal Orange Watercolour: Purchase Tesu flower and soak nearly 100gms of it in one bucket of water for the whole night. You can fill the saffron colour in the pichkaris of your children and let them enjoy safely with friends.
  5. For the bright red organic colour: When it come to the organic ways to celebrate holi you must have the best bright red color. So to prepare the red holi color you will need red rose or red hibiscus flower. Gather or purchase the flowers, dry them individually and make a smooth paste. Mix it with water and your red organic holi color is ready.
  6. Tricks to prepare green Color: Gather henna leaves, paste it in a mixer grinder and you get a smooth green organic Holi colour with a soothing henna smell. Moreover, the colour sustains then it turns into a permanent colour.

Though all these 6 organic ways to celebrate Holi are a bit difficult to prepare if you consider the easy purchasing of gulals. But these are safe and has no side effects. Enjoy a perfectly natural Holi is something and getting ill is another.

Avoid The Following Tricks This Basant Pachami

Avoid playing with water: You see I am someone who really love those dark black faces that cannot be recognized. in fact, I get michiveous and secretly mix deep colors on the gulals or abir. Which on weashimng will get darker instaed of washing of. Certainly looking at my friends getting panicked is delightful.

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