How To Keep Yourself Safe From Dog Allergies?

We love pets, don’t we! But do we know about dog allergies? Pet Allergies are very common, data shows that approximately 3 out of 10 people are allergic to pets. People with dog allergies may be sensitive to a few dog breeds.

I love dogs, whenever I look into their eyes, it reflects simplicity. Their warm brown eyes show curiosity in everything. I just love the way they react on the slightest noise like the ringing of calling bells, opening the entrance door, and others. Their wagging of the tails used to surprise me a lot, until one of my sisters made me understand that they are happy.

But let me tell you, that Dogs wagging their tail does not only mean that they are happy they try to convey a range of emotions like happiness, nervousness, feeling threatened, anxiety, submission, and excitement. It is best understood by the owners.

So, visit my sister’s place and she had a  black Pomeranian. This breed of dog had fur and smells a lot. But yes, “Poumi” (her pet’s name) is cute, she always wants everyone to love her, brush her fur, and pamper her by taking her in the lap. But I started to realize that the smell of Poumi used to make me sneeze for about 10 times at-a-go, and leading to nasal congestion.

At first, I used to ignore the whole face as I was not aware of something called pet allergies.

So, once I suspected that may be staying near Poumi has some effect on my health, I researched the web and I came across pet allergy/dog allergy and Hypoallergic pets.

So, let’s check out the details so in case you have a pet allergy and plan to adopt a pet, then you can choose a hypoallergenic pet.

What are Hypoallergenic Pets?

Hypoallergic Pets are considered as the best pets for allergy sufferers. To some extent, these pets may look like allergen-free, but a truly non-allergic dog does not exist.

Every dog produces three things that people are allergic: saliva, dead skin, and urine.

So, why are these pets called hypoallergenic? These dogs have something uncommon that allergenic dogs don’t have – The lack of shedding.

When a dog sheds all the allergenic stuff flies and floats around the air. Dogs frequently lick their furs, splash urine in their furs, and when they shed these allergens fly in the air. Staying the same house makes you frequently confront these allergens.

What causes Dog Allergy?

If you have pet allergies it means that you have a sensitive immune system. Your body can easily react to harmless proteins found in the pet (saliva, dander, and urine) causing skin irritation, nose blockage, and more. Pet allergens can collect on furniture, tiles of the house, and stay for a longer period.

Signs of Pet Allergy:

  • Sneezing
  •  Hay Fever
  •  Itchy, watery and red eyes
  •  Nasal Congestion
  •  Itchy Skin
  •  Eczema
  •  Signs of asthma and difficulty in breathing

If you already have a pet and suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms then speak with your doctor for medications or immunotherapy before any kind of social exposures.

The best remedy if you are suffering from pet allergy the best remedy is to remove the source of allergy-like furs, dander as soon as possible. But if you are already the owner of a pet with a lot of furs then follow strategies to reduce exposure: 

  •  Make sure that the pet does not get into your bed or use an air cleaner.
  •  Animal allergens are sticky. Make sure that you frequently clean the carpets and keep the home uncluttered.
  •  Change your clothes after spending time with your pet.
  •  Have someone to wash, clean, and brush your pet regularly.
  •  Clean the litter box, kennel. 

In case you are thinking of introducing a lovely pet into your family, and you are having a history of allergy then make sure you go for hypoallergic pets. 

Now you must be wondering how to find which dogs are allergic and which are hypoallergic. So, let me introduce a few hypoallergic dogs so that you can easily get them to cuddle up. 

The other way is to type names of Hypoallergic pets in google and find and about the non-allergic dogs. 

3 Names of hypoallergic dogs


An amazing benefit of adopting a poodle is its long lifespan and are hypoallergic dogs. This breed of dog can live up to 26 years (in few cases). Poodles are an excellent addition to the family all because they are available in the toy, standard, miniature and medium sizes. Whereas there are available in numerous colors like black, cream, sable, grey silver, brown, and other color varieties.

  • These dogs are trainable
  •  Sensitive at being left alone at homes for an extended period of time
  •  Encouragement and treats motivate these dogs
  •  Barks frequently, therefore, they must be trained to control their barking
  •  Needs a lot of exercises otherwise they become anxious

Since Poodles are small dogs they are fit to stay in apartments. They love to play games and involve themselves with a lot of activities.


These dogs are called Monkey dogs with a height of less than afoot. Much like humans, you can easily befriend them. They have dense coats and comes in several colors. Sturdy, alert, and smart, this breed is an excellent type of watchdog. Frequent socialization with other people and pets can help an Affenpinscher grow up into a balanced adult.

Characteristics of Affenpinscher:

  • Adapts well to apartment living
  •  Very affectionate with family
  •  Very less amount of shedding
  •  Little drooling
  •  Easy to train
  •  Low tendency to bark and howl

The Affenpinscher has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. It weighs 7 to 9 pounds. Try not to get this breed from irresponsible breeders (The Puppy Mill) rather choose a rescue shelter for adaptation.


Komondor is also a well-known hypoallergic breed. The Komondor puppies are in the $1000+ range and are one of the most uncommon breeds of a dog seen in the USA. There are known as the chief protector of herds. 

The corded coat makes this dog resemble like the mob. The mob-like coats may make them look fluppy but inside they are strong.

Personality traits:

  •  Komondor dogs need exercise daily
  •  Loves to keep their human companion’s insight
  •  Always alert and are loud barkers
  •  Has messy dog syndrome. To make maintenance easy keep its coat short
  •  You must leave this breed in the yard unsupervised
  •  Steady and Dependable

Coat care is the biggest challenge when someone owns a Komondor. If you feel maintaining the Komondors are too costly then cur their coat short. These dogs have a life span of 10 to 12 years. An adult Komondor will weight up to 100 pounds and weight 27.5 inches at the shoulder. These dogs are not for an average household as they are serious working dogs.

6 Hypoallergenic dogs for adoption list

  • Maltese Terrier,
  •  Portuguese Water Dog,
  •  Bichon Frise,
  •  German Shepherd
  •  Labradoodle
  •  Basenji

I hope my blog will guide you in making the right decision on choosing the right pets for your house. I will advise you to adopt your pets from a rescue shelter and rescue center.

Moreover, I would also like to tell you no dogs are 100% hypoallergic. Therefore, you can choose dogs of smaller sizes so that they shed less dander than larger dogs. Using a high-efficiency air purifier can’t also help you reduce airborne pet allergens.

So, do not give it any other thought make, take all these precautions, and introduce the new member to your family. Do leave a comment on the decision you take.

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