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Today 21st June 2020 and this day is celebrated as International Yoga Day, so let me wish you all a happy yoga day!

Yoga happened to me last year when I decided to stay fit. I do not like belly fat, most probably you too don’t, but with my age and my profession, I believe belly fat was evident. I do not have complaints about that.

But you’re I have to spend 9 hours in my office by completely sitting in a chair and in front of the computer. So after the 10-7 work hours, I really felt completely exhausted.

Moreover, there was work pressure, and I belong from Kolkata as it is the salary pay scale is very low, and at that time in 2018, I used to learn really little. So, all these situations were taking a toll on my life.

I was experiencing frequent headaches, 3 day periods, mood swings, food cravings, and other health issues. After consultation from the doctor, hormonal tests, and USG, it was verified that I was suffering from PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). Do not be afraid of ovarian disease it is not that serious, 8 out of 10 girls nowadays suffer from PCOD due to overstress, anxiety, and hormonal changes.

The only way to combat PCOD is to have control over your food cravings eat healthy, control stress, and of course exercise and reduce weight.

This is how I started my yoga session.

How Yoga Changed my life?

Yoga has changed me in every way, now I can say, that I am a better version of myself, calmer, and more composed. Not thing before doing something was my habit and now I evaluate the situation properly before making decisions.

Yoga has healed many of my diseases like allergic rhinitis, digestion problems, neck pain, and of course my PCOD issues. The fact about PCOD is that a lot of hormonal changes take place within your body, so the person suffering from PCOD may react in a certain way, which she should not have. But who is going to explain to them that this is happening because of the hormonal issues!

But it is you who have to figure out the problem and then find the solution. For me it was meditation.

How often do I practice yoga?

I practice yoga for 1 hour a day, and it is 5 days a week. Normally I practice Yoga in the evening after office, but if my instructor advises me to take up the routine in the morning, I agree with that. And sometimes if I get time, I shift my evening classes to the morning.

The best time for Yoga practice is in the morning, but if you cannot make time, you can practice Yoga any time of the day. But remember you have an empty stomach, or you consume little dry fruits or protein shake before your practice. Not too many dry fruits. Remember that!

Also, you must be in your comfortable clothing, need a yoga mat for smooth practice.

What Types of Asanas do I practice?

I like to mention the details of my daily workout so that in case you want to start practising Yoga yourself, you find it useful. Here is what I do:
  • Body stretching: I start with body stretching, neck exercises, shoulder exercises, wrist rotation, hip rotation, knee rotation, foot rotation, or feet up and down.
  • 6 Cycles of Surya Namskar: Once I am done with body stretching I move on to 6 cycles of Surya namaskar. This consists of 24 steps and is known as the best body stretching as asana. I have a video of my Surya Namaskar practice which you can find below. There are so many videos on Youtube, and you can easily practice this asana all by yourself.
  • A little cardio: After the Surya Namaskar my practice consists of a little cardio exercises like frog jumping, jumping jacking, squats, mountain climbing, planks, and other such exercises. Believe me; this part of the exercise kills me.
  • Exercise to reduce belly fat: I have a lot of belly fat, and because I am a content writer, I have a 10.30 to 7.30 p.m, a total 9 hours office, and then my freelancing works which mean I have to sit and work the whole day it is natural for me to have belly fat. But I believe I cannot completely reduce my belly fat, but by dedicated yoga practice and reducing junk foods I can reduce most of my stubborn belly fat.
  • Asanas by lying on the abdomen: If you practice Yoga, by lying down on your back you have to practice asanas by lying on your abdomen. In this sequence I practice asasnas like bujangasana, Nabhi asan, Shalabhasan, Aakarna dhanurasan, and dhanurasana.
  • Meditation: I end my practice with meditation, which consists of Anulom Vilom pranayam, Kapal-Bhatti, Bhmari, and Oom chanting. Meditation cools my mind and yes it refines my thoughts. Meditation is something I love in my 1 hour Yoga session.

I must mention that I have an instructor to guide me during my session, and most of the asanas that I do in a day, are guided by her. In a day, I may do 10-15 minutes of cardio and then various poses of asana. The other day it may be Surya and Chandra namaskar with other standing or sitting asanas to strengthen my back, shoulders, legs, and so on.

If you are thinking of starting Yoga then in the beginner stage rely on the expertise of a yoga instructor, or thoroughly follow a routine yoga mentioned in the YouTube videos. Also follow the diet rules, to see the changes.

My Advice

Also, I must mention, that if you have started doing Yoga do not stop it in a midway, as it can have a negative effect on your body, you can gain sudden weight, like in my case, in the Lockdown for a span my 4 months I stopped practicing yoga and I gained 4 kgs, and my Allergic rhinitis symptoms increased like anything and I had to rely on Cetzine, and drug to reduce allergic symptoms, which is of course not god to consume.

No doubt practicing yoga cleanses the mind and soul in any way, it is not only beneficial for reducing belly fat or reducing body pains but there are so many ways you can benefit from Yoga. You can be a   better person, more confident, and more self-reliant.

Guys hope you will benefit from my experience, I love to hear your part of the story, how you have benefitted from Yoga, or if you love to start Yoga and want some advice, leave a comment I will answer all that you say. Thank You for visiting my website and reading my story.

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