My Journey of ups and lows as a Content Writer

Hello, I am Riya. Today I am going to speak with you about my journey till now as a content writer. It was in 2016, I had just passed out from Calcutta University with Journalism, and mass communication as my MA specialization, a fresher, I was looking for a job.

Back then the concept of Content Writer was new to the industry. It was from Times job and Naukri I started searching for a job. A complete fresher I knew nothing about what content writing was all about. So, I just gave an interview, and then the company asked me to write 300 words on a topic.

The interview went well, but still, I was not so clear about content writing. On the first day of my job, the senior content writer explained to me everything about the job role.

So, basically, my job role was to form content for websites and write blogs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization is about creating content for websites so that the search engine can easily understand all details related to your business (products that you sell, services you provide).

This term was completely new to me, but I really thank my first company, to educate me all about SEO, from my initial days. Because now I meet content writers and I become so surprised to see that they do not understand SEO but still they are writing SEO content.

Mistakes can only make you perfect

Well, so the journey started and I learned, made mistakes, got insulted by my boss, and then made a fresh start. One thing that I learned as an SEO Content Writer is “to write really well, you must keep growing your knowledge, you must follow what others are writing and how they are forming content.”

Based on Kolkata, I was not at all paid well. Making my start with a meager amount and earning less than my friends is something very disappointing. But surely I kept working on my goals and kept the salary matter secondary. I was always wishing to learn during my initial day and make my pillars strong.

After and a half years I changed to my second company, I worked on various websites, learning more about content marketing and perfecting my skills. And the journey continued like that.

All these years I had pleasant memories and a lot of unpleasant ones which I believe everyone has. People keep asking me why did I join content writing after completing Journalism, I should have been in the newspapers or the news channels?

I believe Journalism and mass communication a very wide subject it is all about creativity, current affairs, and creating content. It is not necessary that I will need to work as a journalist. Though I really wanted to be a newsreader!

How does content writing help me? Did I make the right decision?

I became content writing without knowing the subject matter, and what I am doing. I knew that I am good at research work and I love to write! So, curating content and articles really interested me.

Back in 2016, the concept of digital marketing was new, and not many (keeping aside the seniors, and experts) knew about SEO or Digital marketing. Or maybe I was one of a kind who knew nothing about Digital Marketing.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is all about creating informative blogs and articles, marketing articles, or explainer articles for audiences present on the internet. Contents are written according to the business strategy and propaganda.

When it comes to SEO content writing, the complete article is optimized for search engines.

SEO for web content is done with keywords, keyword optimization, content organization, and finally content promotion. For well-written content to come into rank in Google it takes a minimum of 3 months time. Contents can be made more readable and attractive using bullet points.

You see lengthy content is useful in bringing in rank usually called Skyscraper content. But people have less time and patience to read, they love to go through the important points. So, the only way to maintain both sides is to write short sentences with a lot of short paragraphs and bullets.

With search engine optimization, Social media optimization is also very important. These are posts that are done on social media.

It took years for me to learn and finesse my skills in content writing, you see nothing happens instantly.

How do I grow my Knowledge and my present position?

Growing Knowledge is very simple, you need to be patient and follow others. You must learn new things since the world has a lot to offer. I keep reading articles and checking out bloggers, and their writing styles.

Presently I am working as a Content Writer for Cogito Software Solutions, other than that I am also a freelance content writer, Wikipedian, and social media content creator.

This is my journey as a content writer or a content creator till now! Hoping for more love and support, so that I can keep writing more informative and satisfying blogs and keep myself growing. Thanks, everyone!

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