Stories of Sunset from Hills to the Sea

Is there anything more meaningful and more memorable than watching an unforgettable sunset from a dreamy location? The beauty of sunset has the power to set you mesmerized.

I am going to speak about the Stories of Sunset that I experienced while exploring new places.

Stories of Sunset In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a beautiful Hill station in West Bengal. The best thing about Darjeeling is the emerald green views of the Hills and the mountains along with the snow-clad Mount Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling is called the picturesque town owning to its tea plantations, and toy train.

So, I have been to Darjeeling a few times but my recent trip was the best one.

I have always been lucky in this place because each time I visited there I was fortunate enough to view the sunrise from Tiger Hill or to experience snowfalls in Darjeeling (very rare).

But the best experience of loving nature is the sunset behind the Kanchenjunga. Along with enjoying the famous Darjeeling tea from Homestay, we choose to stay as a bonus.

Sunset always appeals to me. Whether it’s sitting in front of a river watching it go down the horizon or from my rooftop. There is always something surprising in the orange sky set before sunset.

When we were sitting on the rooftop at our homestay one afternoon, we were looking at the Kanchenjunga, with the Sun above its peaks. With time, the snow became golden and the sky changed colours from orange to red before it just vanished. I was consistently surprised by the beauty.

More interestingly the moment will always remain in my mind and I believe watching the sunset made me happier than anything else.

At the time the scene took place on the rooftop of the homestay, I was accompanied by my mother and my friend. The beautiful pictures and the camera clicks remained with us as memories.

City Life of Kolkata makes us void of enjoying the serene beauty of nature

The Hustle and Bustle of city life are hectic with a 9 to 5 job and running between the daily chores. the daily lifestyle of a person staying in a city is like sleeping late at night, waking up late and rushing to the office. Spending the whole day in the office and then returning home late at night.

Even if we speak about the weekends it is mostly spent shopping in the malls are spending time in the coffee shop.

But if you speak about my preference of what a perfect weekend afternoon/evening could be. I often crave to find happiness in little things like waking up early and enjoying the Sunrise or enjoying a cup of the team on the rooftop and watching the beautiful sunset.

I prefer sitting in front of the river Ganges and watching the beautiful sun going down the Horizon. Leaving a mesmerizing landscape of red and gold making the water dance in its colours.

And what if that moment is your beautiful Cruise is passing by in the river, of it will leave your mouth dropped open.



Another encounter of watching the sunset from the Teesta Rageet Sangam point

As I recall, it was on the third day of our visit to Kalimpong we went to the Sangam point of Teesta and Rangget river. In between the two mountains flows beautiful rivers the Teesta and the Rangeet. And in between them an orange ball of fire was slowly dropping down.

The hours were convinced that it was paradise and we just realised how beautiful the place was. The Hills and river meeting point has always mesmerized me, but the sun always makes the place look more timeless and perpetual.

If you think of leaving the place at that moment, it won’t happen because you are just awestruck at the beauty of that moment. Time will fly until you realise it’s already dusk.

Experiencing The Sunset On A Sea Beach Is Just Magic

The magic of the colours of the sky at the time could not be more attractive. It’s only during Twilight that you can sit back, relax and spend the most romantic times of the day. When you stay in Kolkata, Digha Beach is just what it is called Goa of India for the natives.

A lot of my pictures are taken in front of the beach with reflections and extra colours of the sunset. Another level of beauty for sure.

With the view of the sunset in the sky and the sea waves beating the shore, time seems to be at a standstill and nobody is in rush.

With my girls spending a perfect weekend on the beach. We enjoy the beautiful sunset and get Positive Vibes. We keep on appreciating the full beauty of the sea, and the sunset, continuing with our endless conversation and picture clicking.

I must say I could watch the sunrise and sunset for hours and inhale the beauty of the moment. Watching Twilight is itself a moment that you could be grateful for, forget all your worries smile and be happy.

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